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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I got in trouble.

The Boy said that was very bad of me to say that Tangobaby is dead and that I should apologize.

Apparently he was not the only one who thought  my sensationalism was naughty. I'm sorry. I'm not dead. Even this blog isn't dead. I'm going to leave it here for posterity.

So, I will try this again:

Hi guys! I have a new site. Come on over and see me there because I won't be over here anymore.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tangobaby is dead.

Long live julie lives here.


Maybe I'm being a wee bit dramatic but I hope I did grab your attention. ;-)

It finally occurred to me that I needed a different place to put my stuff that's not CALIBER or i live here:SF or HAMO.

Three years ago, almost by accident, I started this blog. My goodness, what a lot has happened since then. At first I wrote about movies I'd seen and then a lot about dancing tango.

Blogger was very good to me, and being a Blog of Note in 2008 gave me a taste of what the wider world of blogging was all about. It inspired me to write more, share more and try to hone my skills with storytelling, idea generation and even be cognizant of good old-fashioned grammar.

I got a camera in 2008 and that exploded my world wide open again. Now I could provide my own images to accompany my own stories. The avenues for creativity seemed to grow exponentially.

And then the whole aspect of using the blog as an element of change and raising awareness happened in April of 2009. Learning very personal lessons about poverty, homelessness, friendship and hardship.

Along the way, I lost some friends. I think I made more than I lost. Some people wanted the old tangobaby back. I couldn't summon her. She bored me.

I have so many things to tell you. About the people I meet and the things I do and hopefully it's not the same ol' same ol' but stories and ideas you'll want more of. I just can't put them here anymore.

It's funny how much something like a blog template or platform can be a hindrance or boost to your  mind's inner workings. I realize now that I've outgrown Blogger and so have moved on to this new Wordpress site.

It's funny, I had been so attached to my tangobaby name. I thought I wouldn't be able to be what you thought I was without that name. I agree, it's been fun. We've had a good run. I've gotten a lot of pleasure out of being tangobaby and there's a place in my heart where shiny stilletto heels and the mournful bandoneon music still lives.

But I can be so much more by just being Julie.

So, I hope you'll follow along. This tangobaby place has been good to me but I'm not taking it along.

See you soon.