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Monday, July 23, 2007

n. friz·zle

1. a condition of weather, in which the hair is made to resemble a damp helmet.

2. a state of weather that is more robust than fog, yet not considered drizzle. Occurs commonly in the Sunset District of San Francisco, mornings and afternoons, and sometimes in between and all day.

When encountering frizzle, do not attempt to try to fix your hair afterwards. You will only make it worse.


Today the frizzle-ometer in the Inner Sunset was quite high. I left the house with a cute hairdo that was destroyed by the time I got to the corner.

Another thing about living in this neighborhood is that you leave the house dressed like Nanook of the North, and by the the time you get downtown in your coat and scarf (in July) you look quite silly because the weather on the other side of town is completely different.