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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Red Shoes

Dorothy had a pair. The girl in the Hans Christian Anderson tale had a pair, too (but she had a very bad time because of them--and then she died.)

And now I have a pair of red shoes that are super fine! For tango, of course!
Last night I gave them a test drive at the Sunday night milonga at Studio Gracia, thanks to some wonderful dance partners who made me feel like I was floating on air.
Even though these are the highest heels I've danced in to date, they are quite easy to move in and look H-O-T!
I've got to hand it to these Argentinian shoe designers. Who could dream of dancing on pencil-thin, 4" stiletto heels and only have good things come of it.
I feel like Rita Hayworth in these shoes! Love you, Comme Il Faut!
PS. The above link for Rita Hayworth is a medley of some of her best dance numbers, with Fred Astaire. If you didn't know Rita was an extremely talented dancer, you are in for a huge treat!