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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a new day

somewhere in the Lower Haight, I don't remember where


What I'm listening to this morning, a new day:

1. Little Helen is out of the ICU, and they've given her some medicine that is helping her breathe and she's feeling better and is eating a little, too.
2. I'm going to see K today, take her to lunch, talk about our apartment hunting progress, give her big hugs, hold the baby, and maybe do a little shopping with her.

As much as it is helpful to sort words out and write things down, your comments and emails and wishes help Little Helen and K even more than they do me.

I will call my grandma later and tell her about the kind people (YOU) who send their love, and I know it will make her happy. And K as well, I will give her hugs from all of you.

But first I'm gonna go outside, get some sunshine on my face and look for something beautiful.