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Friday, August 10, 2007

A Little Bit Different, A Little Bit The Same

I'm happy today. My Thursday nights are getting better.

It used to be that Thursdays were my favorite night of the week. The milonga at the Verdi Club has been my refuge and my alternate universe. After I got back from Buenos Aires last year, I realized that my tango world had exploded wide open and my dancing life would never be the same. And I wasn't sure who I would want to dance with or where I would go to replicate the feeling I had in Argentina.

And then I started going to Verdi and it was the closest thing I could get to reliving Buenos Aires for a little while. It was my touchpoint. But something has changed over the past few months and the atmosphere there seemed to evaporate. For me, it was harder to be there and be disappointed then not to go at all, so I stayed home. To be honest, I felt lost and displaced.

But last night I went back, and things are feeling better there. The crowd is still not what it used to be and I know there are several reasons for that, but now I'm hopeful that everything's going to be okay again. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be swept off my feet by not one, not two, but three dancers who made it a perfect evening. One partner is completely new to me, but we danced two tandas with a short break in between. We were both almost speechless because it's like we've been dancing together for years.

A few times, we laughed a little, but mostly we were quiet and enveloped in our own little world of tango. What a lovely little world it is.