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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time Travel, Part Two

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival is having a one-day special showing of some classic films.

I would like to see all three presentations; it's just a matter if I can sit in a seat that long (if I have to pick one, I guess it will be Flesh and the Devil with Garbo and John Gilbert--real-life lovers on the silver screen):

2007 WINTER EVENT DECEMBER 1 at The Castro Theatre

Program 1--11:00am VITAPHONE VAUDEVILLE (1926-30)
Program 2--2:00pm INTOLERANCE (1916)
Program 3--8:00pm FLESH AND THE DEVIL (1926)

This past summer was my first exposure to the SF Silent Film Festival. It was an incredible opportunity to see these movies with live music accompaniment, lectures on film history and restoration (completely fascinating!), and the beautifully restored films on the big screen.

Here's my first post about the festival. I'll be a regular attendee from now on. It's amazing to see how some things are truly timeless and connect with people in many eras.